I Found George!

For a few years, I have very lackadaisically played along in the Where’s George game. Essentially, it’s a site that tracks the movement of currency through the US. And how’s the currency tracked? Folks stamp bills with something encouraging the recipients to hit Where’s George, enter the serial number, and describe the condition of the bill, where they got it, and what they did with it. It’s a pretty nifty idea, although there have been some questions as to the real legality of stamping the bills.

Today, I found a marked bill in the Jeep — I have no idea where I got it or when, but when I keyed its serial number in, I discovered it was old and started life far away from me. After almost three years, it had traveled halfway across the country, and wound up in a soda machine today, helping quench my thirst.

Kinda cool. Below is a image snipped from Where’s George with the info about my little Georgie.