Of Moose and Me

Anyone who’s read this site for any length of time knows that Moose Peterson holds a special place in my view of photography. I respect his body of work, the sense of responsibility to the environment he displays, and frankly, his strong desire to inspire others to go off and find their photographic muse. Moose has recently joined the Twitterverse, and today I had an exchange with him.

Essentially, my take was that he was seeing a lot of product movement on Twitter, and was questioning whether there was any sense of community on Twitter. That’s a really good observation, and a really good question.

With that in mind, it seems like I could do more giving back to the photographic community, and I should. Now, I’m no Moose (as I told him today), but maybe I’ve got something to lob out there to the three or four folks who read one of my blogs. And like Moose told me, “there is even a possibility that from our community, we can infect others and then, well, anything is possible!”

As Darla says, true dat.

So here’s the deal. The photographic chatter is gonna move over to colin-wright.com. That’ll keep all that info in one place, and leaves The Deauxmayne for all the other technological nightmares I get myself into. And I’ll try to get more regular at posting material on “the other site” — setups for the things I’m shooting (especially with the new macro lens), my crazy backup strategies… who know what else might show up!

Thanks for challenging me, Moose!