Another Surgery

Molly underwent surgery a month or so ago to remove a cancerous growth. She recovered well from it, but we recently noticed that her scar was kinda swollen, which was unexpected. Today, Beck took her to the vet.

As it ends up, the cancer was back. The doc went in, and took a much larger amount of material this time, which of course, meant a much larger incision, and a little more gruesome looking aftermath. The doc also took an x-ray of her chest and found nothing insidious in the images, so that’s the good news. Of course, I’m mortified about the rapid re-growth over the last month, but am trying to put that out of my mind, and just help her mend.

Last time, we didn’t get the pain under control until the day after the surgery, which made the first day miserable. Molly whimpered and cried that whole first day and night. This time, we seem to have it under control, and though she has really glassy eyes, she seems to be bearing up better than after the last surgery.

More to come, I’m sure…