How To: Timelapse Video

After doing some searching on the net, I found a blog post describing an intervalometer for the Canon G10 which is readily sourced from a Chinese seller on eBay.  (I’ll write about that device later.)  If that sentence doesn’t have enough technobabble for you, read on.

Timelapse is something that’s always intrigued me.  After I read about folks creating timelapse movies with their DSLR and point and shoot cameras, I got real interested in trying it.  My intervalometer for my G10 arrived last week, and today I had some time to play with the concept.  Taking my cue from some material I’d read, I set the camera to manual settings, and set the gear to shoot a frame every 20 seconds.  After three and a half hours, the battery on the G10 was done, and I was ready to start assembling the film.

There’s probably better ways to build a film from stills, but I went with something I read on Photojojo, and used QuickTime Pro to pull it all together.  I decided to go with 24 frames per second, as that seemed like a pretty smooth framerate.

Below is my first timelapse flick, not to mention, the first time I’ve used YouTube as a host for anything.  Enjoy!