Order Fulfillment

For the last three years, I’ve used Yessy to handle the sales of my photographs. I have just made the switch to Zenfolio. Here’s why.

Yessy handled the order side just fine. However, it was still up to me to fulfill the order — print, mat, frame, ship — and because there wasn’t a good way for a buyer to walk through a lot of assembly options for an image before purchasing it, it made my offerings pretty rigid, which I felt was somewhat constrictive.

Zenfolio partners with mPix, who can handle all elements of order fulfillment. Basically, it will save me a ton of time and effort, and gives my potential buyers so many more options than I could ever deliver any other way. You want one of my images printed on metallic paper? Done. Black aluminum frame? Done. Shipped to good ol’ Aunt Doris? Done. A fuzzy psychedelic mat? Well, maybe not so done.

I’m really excited about making this change, and have high hopes that it’ll make things easier for folks looking to hang some of my work on their walls. Give it a spin at http://colinwright.zenfolio.com, and let me know what you think.