Project 365 : Blue Chesspieces

Tonight, I pulled my old slide light table out, put a glass chessboard atop it, and began to play with some glass chesspieces I had lying about.

I’ve been wanting to play with this light table for a while, and finding these chesspieces gave me just the excuse. I suspect I’ll use it with some other images of bottom-lit glass and liquids. Should be some fun experimenting.

2 thoughts on “Project 365 : Blue Chesspieces”

  1. So where’s the “Canon Fodder”? I wanted to see a larger version of the today’s 365 image.

  2. When I rehosted, Canon Fodder fell off the site due to space constraints — it’s about 200k files spread over a tick more than 14GB.

    Never fear — it will be back, although I’m not yet sure in what form. I’m inclined to try to leverage iWeb and MobileMe, but I haven’t quite made that call yet.

    You bring up a good point about having a way to embiggen the Project 365 shots — after all, showing them off and learning some are what they’re there for.

    I would bet by the time you come home from work today, a solution for the Project 365’s will be in hand! 🙂

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