Project 365 : Chess on the Brain

Tonight’s shot comes from my light table and chess sets again. I put one of my grandmother’s chess pieces on the light table, while leaving the blue chess pieces set up on the light table, refracting through the head of the pawn. I love the way the blue set appears through the pawn’s head, pointing out the contrast between the smooth lines of the blue set and the handmade uniqueness of the pawn.

Once again, this was photographed with my Canon MP-E 65/2.8, finished in Photoshop CS4E, with the assistance of Nik Color Efex Pro.

3 thoughts on “Project 365 : Chess on the Brain”

    1. Welcome Richard! Glad you liked the image.

      I love playing with reflection/refraction, so this was right up my alley. There’ll be more with the chess sets, so be sure to visit again!

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