Six Hundred Thousand Folks Can’t Be Wrong

This past Tuesday, like so many other folks, I spent spare moments trying to get an iPhone 4 pre-ordered for delivery on the 24th. Unlike many, I was able to finally get one on order through Apple around 6.30pm Tuesday. Apple ran out of units for delivery on the 24th, as did AT&T. Six hundred thousand units were reported to have moved on Tuesday, and in the next sixteen hours, the next batch were sold, due to be shipped around July 6th. And now, if you pre-order one, it’ll ship by July 14th. I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see it be August or September before you can walk into a storefront and walk out with an iPhone 4.

After having sold two million iPads in its first two months, and following that up with these massive sales figures, I’ve gotta think it’s gonna be a good year in the Jobs household.

As for my iPhone 4, it’s leaving Hong Kong today, and I fully expect it to be here on Thursday. I can’t wait!