Project 365 : New Addition

I’ve been wanting to learn to play the guitar for a long time. Music has been such a part of my life — as a listener — for as long as I can remember. I’ve played around with learning the piano (a small dose of classes), but that’s been about it during my adult life. My brother is quite the guitar player, and works for his favorite guitar company, Carvin. We’ve talked some about putting me in a guitar — and Carvin makes beautiful instruments — but as I looked at the pricing, I realized those are “big boy” guitars, and at this point in my playing experience, that’s probably a bit more of a commitment/investment than I’m willing to make right now. I bet there’ll be on in my future though! 🙂

Becky and I visited Mozingo Music in O’Fallon during lunch yesterday, and I found a guitar that sounded good, looked good, and was priced within my pre-set budget. It’s a nice Yamaha acoustic, and seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I still need to find a strap I like, but aside from that, I think I’m set.

Last night, I played with it for an hour or so (with my Guitar for Dummies book at my side). The tips of the fingers on my left hand are so tender! Guess it’ll take time before those tender tips get used to manhandling the strings on the neck. I’m having terrific problems getting my hamfist and fingers away from strings that I don’t intend to be touching. I’m sure I’m not the first one with that problem!