New (Future) Gear : Takamine EF740SGN

A few weeks ago, the folks at Mozingo Music were talking with me about a line of Takamine acoustic/electric guitars, and had suggested the EF340. Unfortunately, they just weren’t able to get them in long enough for me to take a look at ’em. I’d discovered that Guitar Center had one in town, and was just a few minutes away from heading there to look at it when I saw a tweet from the folks at the local Mozingo Music. They had just received the EF740SGN.

The ‘740 is an OM-style body, slightly smaller than a regular dreadnaught, and without the cutout that the ‘340 sported. I figured I should go take a look at it, and lay hands on a Takamine for the first time. Even with my extremely limited experience, I could feel the difference in that guitar. The neck was more to my liking than my Yamaha, and it was soooo easy to play. The smaller size makes it not nearly as boomy as my Yamaha, yet still producing a really nice tone. And the color makes it look like an old friend.

I couldn’t resist, and put it on layaway. I guess I’ve got the disease. 🙂

So, in a few weeks, I’ll extricate the new toy from Mozingo, hopefully in time for the next jam session. Of course, now I have to think about an amp, but that’s a search for a different day. For today, I’ll be content with the knowledge that a new guitar-child is entering the house soon!