Takamine ETN10BC

I couldn’t stand it. I brought the new Tak home Monday night.

This thing is gorgeous, and it plays exceptionally well. There is a little buzzing in the strings that I’m working on getting corrected — a little wrench action against the truss rod last night — but that’s small spuds in the big scheme of things. I’m still blown away that I’m beginning to feel differences in various guitars. Totally cool.

I love the bearclaw spruce on the top. Some of the folks on the Takamine forums have said that the “bearclaws” look like stretch marks. Well, maybe, but I think it gives the wood a ton of character.

So, the real test is… how does it sound? Beauteous. It’s got a deeper voice than my EF740SGN, likely due to the somewhat larger body. Great for Cash’s stuff!