The Iceman Runneth Away with His Tail Between His Legs

It seems like there’s good news… and it has nothing to do with a gecko, magically summonable agents, or Flo.

The local news has named the storm: Megasnow 2011!!!

And why the snow-based name? Well, it appears that our event is gonna be more snow than ice. We do have freezing rain coming down like crazy right now, but the low pressure center is deepening, which is bringing in the cold air quicker, making the changeover to snow happen earlier. Oh, we’re still gonna have ice, but it’ll be down in the 1/4″ – 1/2″ range, which should enhance our chances to keep the lights on.

But the snow… oh, the snow! We’ve got a predicted band over us of 9″ to 16″, with areas just 30mi or so north getting 24″ or more. We’ll get the heavier stuff if the thudersnow that’s being predicted takes place. The current hard prediction for Da Lou is 10.8″, with that 16″ number definitely reachable as things progress through today and tonight. I don’t think the snowfall is supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow, which is why we’ve got blizzard warnings and a governor-declared “state of emergency” here. Basically, we’re being told to go now to wherever it is that we plan to be for the duration of the storm — probably 48 hours or more.

Assuming the power stays on, we’re in good shape. Darla laid in a hefty supply of food on Sunday, which should allow us to survive Megasnowpacalypsemageddonpalooza 2011. One of her friends actually picked up the very last dozen eggs in one of the local markets on Sunday!

As this storm has unfurled itself, there’ve been comparisons against the blizzard of ’82 and the ice storm of ’06. One of the talking heads this morning reminded all of us in tv-land that in those two years, the Cards won the World Series.

Go Cards!!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Iceman Runneth Away with His Tail Between His Legs”

  1. Please, please, please keep it to yourself!!! We are expecting lots of rain and wind, but thankfully we are too warm for snow this go-round. I’ve had about all the snow I can stand for one winter. Stay warm and safe.

  2. Well, it’s about 23 degrees right now, but tomorrow night, it’s supposed to be at zero, if not below.

    Right now, all we’ve got is sleet — about an inch of it — with the big snow yet to come later tonight. The ice hasn’t really materialized like they thought it might, so we may have dodged a really, really big bullet.

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