Well, It Ain’t Fireworks…

For a variety of reasons, I didn’t get to any fireworks this weekend. However, with the success of the raindrops under my belt this weekend, I turned my flash to another subject I’d been thinking about.

I set my Carvin Cobalt C350 on a flat surface, and mounted my flash and Canon 7D on a couple of tripods. By using my new DIY cable extension, I had a ton of latitude in placing the flash. I set the flash to strobe at 20hz, and plucked the low E-string, capturing 1/2 second of vibration. I need to try it again, though, as this image didn’t exactly turn out the way I had envisioned, although I do like it.

So my fireworks tonight is a little stroboscopic action, with the aid of some new strings. Enjoy!

Plucking the E-String