I’m Melting

Well, not quite melting, but I feel close to it.

Today was our 8th day in a row of 100°+ highs, and our sixth record temp in this spell.  There hasn’t been a run like this in 75 years.  And, if the forecasters are right, there’ll be at least two more of these really hot days before we get a break.


I drove home tonight with the windows down in the Big Green Box, trying to make the best of the air flow, along with increasing my gas mileage ever so slightly.  By the time I got home — about 25 minutes — the 105° temperature nuked me.  I was wobbly, and just didn’t feel well.  And I’d been drinking water all day.

Needless to say, I haven’t run in about two weeks.  I badly, badly wanna get out there and continue my journey-on-foot, and the weather simply hasn’t been cooperating.  I’ve discovered that my prime running temperatures lie between 45 and 65.  I’m no math major, but I’m pretty sure 105 doesn’t sit in that range.

Maybe next week… 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m Melting”

  1. I know you are missing your running but am so glad to hear that you are being smart and holding off for a while. We had two days at 105 but the last two days have been ONLY 99! Had a horrific storm last night with very high winds but only a 1/2 inch of rain. I am so glad all my utilities are underground but Knoxville still has thousands without power and the Mountain are evidently a horrible mess with all the trees that are down and two people killed by falling trees. Be very careful out there.

  2. I heard that y’all got hit hard — I bet that was some scary stuff!

    It was only 106 here today, and tomorrow, it’ll be hotter. They are saying that we’ll be in the low 90’s or high 80’s on Sunday, with storms around. I just can’t wait!!!!!

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