New Threads

Anyone who has been visiting Canapeel for a while (all five of ya!), have seen the old timey theme clunking along.  Well, I’ve discovered that there’s something in that theme that was creating duplicate Open Graph tags, which I believe is why posts here weren’t getting published to Facebook (at least; I know they’ve been shuttling to Twitter, and I don’t check Google+ enough to know if they’ve been appearing there or not).

So, enter a free theme from the WordPress folks — “2014” is the name of it.  Yearly, they seem to come up with something cool for a free theme, so this may just be transient, depending on just what “2015” looks like.  I like it though — slick black and white columnar layout, with loads of room for photos, and a nice, crisp bar on the left.

Nicely done Automatticians!

One thought on “New Threads”

  1. I do read all Canapeel postings, but when the author speaks geekies, I cannot translate that and therefore dust not comment.
    HOWEVER, I do speak fluent Fruitcake and know that language perfectly. Therefore, when I am gifted with a most generous cake and find it beyond anything I have had before, the baker also speaking fluent Fruitcakion, albeit with a Southern accent; I assure you I am able to rhapsodize in Fruitcakion!

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