Traditionally, folks take some time at New Year’s, reflect on the year past, and decide on some unrealistic goals for the year just begun.  I’d hate to break tradition!  I’ve gathered up my milk and pecan sandies, and am ready to take on 2015.

  1.  Running.  Once again, I want to complete a dozen or so races.  However, the seed of this resolution is around my 5K completion times.  I’d love to shave some time off my time.  In 2014, my times have been in the 50+ minute range, which is just about as fast as most folks walk that distance.  Rather than putting pressure on myself to hit a certain speed (like 8 minutes/km, for example), I’m simply gonna shoot for “faster.”
  2. Exercise.  Embarrassingly, I’ve had a gym membership for most of the last two years.  And, like most folks who have gym memberships, I used to go a few times a week when I first signed up, only to drop off pretty quickly.  And like most folks (and falling into the best planning of most gyms), I kept the membership alive, telling myself that I was just around the corner from going back soon.  Having seen the benefits of regular exercise in my brother, I’ve gotta give myself that same benefit this year.
  3. Weight.  When I was a young’un, I was a rail.  Too much metabolism for my size kept me way skinny.  However, life, work, stress and age have conspired to change the way this machine works, and it certainly hasn’t kept me at my once-svelte proportions.  Much like my running notion above, I don’t want to stress myself by placing a number of my goal.  Simply “less” is what I’m shooting for.  If I can keep up with #1 and #2, then #3 should take care of itself.
  4. Diet.  I’ve never been known for eating the right stuff.  I loves me some junk food.  However, even beyond the not-as-infrequent burger and fries, my diet in general isn’t all that great.  I still eat more red meat than I should, and likely don’t get enough of the good stuff to make me percolate appropriately.  I’ve heard all kinds of diets out there — Atkins, paleo, chocolate (ok, not really!) — but the change in my diet that seems to make the most sense is Mediterranean.  The addition of fish is a good thing, and the other benefits of that kind of diet are well-documented.  However, if we’re gonna do it (and it’d be “we”), I’m gonna need to take the lead on the what and how parts of that, and therein lies the point of this resolution.

That’s it!  2015 in a nutshell… better, stronger, faster.  It sounds like something out of The Six Million Dollar Man, but I’d like to think it’s just another year of stuff to do.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Resolutions”

  1. Good stuff! Mine looks pretty much the same! – lol ;o)

    You can do it!! Here’s to 2015!! :o)

  2. Those goals are so wise SIL. I am going to adopt them and add one or more ( I do need a gob of improvement!) I sorely need…to ‘cool it.’ I am much too judgmental, to easy to ‘flare’ and I have never liked those qualities in me. So while I don’t intend to make the goals impossible to attain, how about, in trying situations, I attempt to ‘think first’ which would result in some needed cooling off, and if I must ‘flare’, avoid it by leaving the situation either literally or internally; never forgetting that some strong emotions and stances are necessary unless I intend to become a lap dog.

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