A Byte of the AAPL

It’s no secret that I’m a big ol’ Apple nerd, and have been for almost ten years,  Becky knows that, too.

The day before my birthday, I was upstairs having lunch when the phone rang.  The caller ID showed it was from Charles Schwab.  Now, us and Chuckie have no relationship, and I love playing with scammers on the phone, so I picked it up.

A very articulate American-sounding gentlemen identified himself, and asked for “Rebecca.”  She was at work, and I offered to take a message.  He indicated he was calling about setting up her new account.  New account?  I took his info, and called Beck.

She thought it could be a scammer, or a friend of ours turning us in for a cold sales call.  She was gonna check it out, and call me back.  While she was doing that, I started looking up the number from the caller ID on the ‘Net.  Sure enough, the displayed number was the real customer service number for Schwab.  Hmmm…

Not long after that, I got a call from Becky.  She was standing in the Schwab office in the Valley, and thought she should call.  As it ends up, she had indeed opened an account, and was concerned that I was gonna be all freaked out that we’d been hacked.  She opened the account (and funded it) so I could buy a share of Apple for my birthday.

So now, I’m not just a fanboy, I’m a shareholder.