A Problem with Running

I think I have a problem.

This weekend, I’m running in the Scenic City 5K, held in the city in which I was raised, Chattanooga TN.  I’ve planned out the gastrotourism places I wanna visit (Krystal, Ankar’s, Sofa King Juicy Burger), along with some time with my family, and you’d think that’d be enough planning for a quick trip to The Noog.

But, I think I have a problem.

See, I started poking around, looking for another 5K (with a medal — a kid’s gotta get paid!) in SE Tennessee or north Georgia, thinking I could run another 5K as long as I’m in the neighborhood, and then drive 450 miles home.  (Bupkis, btw.  There was nothing.)

Inspired, I did the same investigation for my Pi Day 5K race weekend in Columbus OH in two weeks.  Again, thinking I could catch another 5K while there, and drive 450 miles home.  (Nothing, btw.)

Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, I did the same thing again for our vacation getaway weekend in New Orleans LA, from where we leave for a cruise in six weeks.  After all, we’d be there a day early.  Surely, I could find a 5K on the Saturday morning we’re supposed to board the ship.  (Nothing.)

I also checked each of the islands we’ll visit along the way, to see if there was some kind of race I could hook into.  (Nothing.)

Yes, I think I have a problem.  I’d look for a seven-step program to help manage this, but I think I’d turn it into a race, and expect to have a medal at the end of the route.  🙂