Did I Mention That I Have a Running Problem?

Collect 'Em All!
Collect ‘Em All!

A few weeks ago, I mentioned on Canapeel that I thought I might have a running problem.  I believe now that there is no doubt of that fact.

This week will be the fifth weekend in a row of 5K races, with the sixth (the Undy Run/Walk 5K) being the last race before April.  Until… I found another race the day after the Undy, and signed up for it.   Another race, another medal.

I told Becky today that race medals have become my Pokemon… gotta catch ’em all.

And with nineteen races planned so far for this year — without a lot of races in the second half of the year (yet!) — I think I’ll have run just about every medal-bearing 5K race in St. Louis this year.  And while some of those races are races I’ll probably always do (the Undy, the Cowbell), I’d like to find others to run after.  (Get it?)

So how do I solve that?  Well, I don’t have a “fifty runs in fifty states” mantra, but I do enjoy destination races where I get to run in new places and courses.  After all, I can run in downtown St. Louis and Forest Park just so many times!  🙂  And if you look at states that touch Missouri, I still haven’t conquered Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas and Nebraska.  And if you instead draw a circle with a 450-mile radius, suddenly there’s a lot more places in my weekend warrior wheelhouse.  (I love alliteration!)

Hi.  My name is Colin.  (Hi Colin!)  And I’m a runaholic.