Race #102 – Celebration Run 5K

5km VirtWe were finally blessed with snow yesterday in Da Lou — the first snowfall of the season.  It made an early arrival, however, and I mistimed some running around that I needed to do.  When they started falling, the flakes were mammoth — hamster flakes, as one of the meteorologists calls ’em — and it was beautiful to watch.  I’d intended to be home, and ready to run when it hit, but it just didn’t work out.

With that timing fail, I ended up waiting until later in the day to put my running kicks on.  I had (and still have!) some virtual races to complete from the end of last year, so I plucked one off my virtual shelf, and put myself on the road.

With the snow, and some bizarre melting and re-freezing in sub-freezing temps, I decided just to walk, rather than run, as I wasn’t sure what condition the sidewalks were in.

We’re very fortunate to have plenty of sidewalks and trails here.  In fact, I got on Wren Trail for the first time since it was renovated late last year.  The new surface is amazingly smooth, and so much nicer to be on.  Before the renovation, the surface was “lumpy” from the growth of many tree roots over the years, but now… wunderbar!

Despite the chill in the air, and the windy conditions, I stayed reasonably warm, which is encouraging as we get more winter weather this season.  I really don’t wanna fall off the wagon due to crazy ol’ Mother Nature!

This race benefitted Action Against Hunger.

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