#129 – Awaken the Fourth and Run 5k

5km VirtA few days ago was Star Wars Day.  May the Fourth be with you.  And also with you.

I’d had great intentions to run a ton last week.  We’d originally been slated to drive to Michigan for the Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty, with Bailey signed up to try to complete her herding title.  Unfortunately, she re-injured her back, and we were a no-go.  She’s better, although not quite herself, but definitely headed in the right direction.

With us mired in Da Lou, I wanted to run.  Bunches.  It was a great opportunity to catch up on some virtual races that I’d been piling up, and to finish off a Spring Challenge from the Moon Jogger folks.  So run I did… back and forth to Home Depot!  🙂

I ended up spending the first part of the week building a new desk for my home office.  It’s a impressive piece of redneck engineering, and has plenty of room for all my computerized toys and their attachments.  By the time the week had closed, I hadn’t run a single mile.

Today, I fixed that.

Ideally, a run celebrating Star Wars Day probably should be run on Star Wars Days, but I’m a bit of a maverick, and ran it fashionably late.  I returned to the Greenway, and put my feet to work.  Unfortunately, with the week escaping, so did the cool weather, and I ended up running in temps near 80° — far above my melting point.  It was hot and uncomfortable, and before I got to my turnaround point, it was obvious that I was growing a blister on the back of my right heel.  That really slowed me up, and put me in the “just ok” range of my finishing times.

Looking at the blister, I think I figured out what happened.  I was running with these really cool Swiftwick socks that I picked up in Chattanooga.  I’ve run with them a bunch.  They’re mid calf, and have the circle and stars from the Tennessee state flag on the back.  However, they also have a small logo on them that I think got sucked down into my shoe, and the knitting on that logo rubbed me the wrong way.

Tomorrow, I’d like to run again, but it’s gonna take a little bit of work to get me on the trail… lance the blister, and bandage it well.  Blecch!

This event benefitted the Make a Wish Foundation.

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