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What would you do with $300M?

Well, I know what I would do. Retire. Sorta.

Of course, I’m talking about the Big Game drawing tonight. $325M+ jackpot.

Many folks say it’s a waste of money — a tax on the stupid. That may be, but the folks that tout that way of thinking will never have a chance to win it. I figure I’m gonna throw that money away on some kind of entertainment, so where it goes is somewhat unimportant. And frankly, it’s really only my business.

So, Darla and I drove across the border last night, stood in line for 20 minutes or so, and collected our tickets.

The biggest change in my personal life is that I would stop working “for the man”, and begin working for me. I dunno what kind of work that would entail — building antennas, woodworking, cabinetry, raising dogs…. who knows? But, I do know I would enjoy myself more, and would probably live a lot longer.

Our families would be well taken care of — Darla and I have already talked about that. Our sibs would be happy, as would our folks.

I’ve got my tickets, and am hoping for the best.


Tonight, I had a fine dinner with Darla’s friends — it was the Vet Assistant’s birthday, and a group of us gathered at Houlihan’s to celebrate. Great food — ate too much, of course.

The Pet Groomer was part of the entourage. Now, she has been great to us in taking care of Molly and Emma, but she is good in little doses. Anyway, I discovered that she is a fan, and apparently has been for a while and is a regular at Archon. I realized, though, why I don’t really have a great deal of interest in getting back in fandom: some of the people are just plain annoying in large doses, and have a few too many stories to tell.

When I went to cons, it always seemed that there was someone with a bigger story — more important person met, bigger amount of food eaten, larger pool of vomit awakened in — and that kind of oneupsmanship never did much for me. Add to that a large portion of sexual intellectual (“f***ing know-it-all”), and there’s a recipe for annoyance. At least to me, anyway.

The Pet Groomer had large amounts of these qualities — and more — and thanks to her, I think I know why fandom doesn’t hold quite the luster for me that it once did.