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Blue Monday


I hate getting calls from Mom as soon as I get home from work.

This afternoon, I got a call from her, and after some trivialities, she dropped the bomb on me. Roaul, my uncle and whom I’m named after, is reported to be gravely ill.

Now, there’s some possibility that this news is inaccurate — Mom and/or Kevio are going to Oak Ridge on Wednesday to visit and form their own opinion.

This is far too reminiscent of Dad’s time in August ’02, and I’m just afraid that the cards are laying down the same way.

He’s the last one of Dad’s sibs left, and when they’re all gone, an entirely too interesting chapter in my world will have closed.

Family for Dinner

Last night, we had Beck’s brother, Kevin, and mother over for dinner. As always, very enjoyable, and worth the wait.

I still think her mom is just a totally enjoyable person, full of insight, and alternate views on the world. I’ve never met someone who wants to learn soooo many things!

Kevin, while enjoyable, has some extremely conservative views, which are fun to explore for mental exercise, are a little hard for me to get my hands around.

No matter which way you shake it though, fun mental gymnastics between the two of them, and I like that!!!

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Today is Molly’s 2nd birthday. What a wonderful dog, and such terrific comfort she provides.

It’s also the beginning of a new year, and I guess, with that, I should make some resolutions.

  • Get closer to God

  • Visit His house frequently

  • Make the pterodactyl go away

  • Attend to my family’s needs

  • Get comfortable in my skin

  • Finish what I start

  • Start what I want

  • Follow my dreams

Not a bad list, eh?