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Stuff I haven’t put elsewhere… yet!

I’ve Got Gas, But Do You?

Over the weekend, I mentioned our neighborhood gas station that was out of fuel. Well, this morning, I encountered more of the same.

The gas station near the office was down to only a few pumps with fuel available. The good news was that the price was the same as I paid over the weekend ($3.799), but for the first time in many, many years, I had to wait in line to fill up. And I found more stations that were devoid of gasoline.

I’ve been corresponding with some folks in Chattanooga, and it looks like the shortage of gas — at least there — is quite real, despite the promises that there’s plenty of gas to go around. And others in east Tennessee are paying almost $5/gal for gas.

I’ve gotta say, I’m getting very nervous about what the next few weeks will hold…

New Photo: Old Glory and The Golden Gate Bridge

The US flag is illuminated brightly atop a boat traveling beneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco CA.

Old Glory and The Golden Gate Bridge is available in a variety of sizes, with an unframed print matted at 11×14, and framed images at both 18×24 (single mat) and 22×28 (double-matted). Please visit my sales gallery on Yessy if you are interested in purchasing Moonrise at Half Dome.

Yeah, Yeah, I Know…

… it’s been far too long since I’ve posted to the dusty ol’ Deauxmayne. The sad thing is that I really don’t have much in the way of an excuse, aside from just the turning of the Big Blue Marble. If it would slow down, or if my life would, then I’d have more time for the fun things.

So what’s been occupying me?

Scanning has been a big thing. I’ve archived two full libraries of images this winter and spring, completing the scan of about 4000 images. This was a Big Deal, and I’m thrilled to have it complete. I’ve still gotta figure out how to get these collections displayed and indexed, but that’s a project for a different day. Preservation of the images is the big issue, and that’s done.

Sio and went to the Jimmy Buffet concert a couple of weeks ago. I’ll probably retroblog that separately, as there’s a bunch of stuff in my head about that extremely enjoyable performance. There’s even photos!

I’ve also been working on plans for the family summer vacation. I’m not ready to publish that yet, but trust me when I tell ya that it’ll be big, big, big.

And, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve turned on the new theme. There’s still a bunch of work to get it working the way I want, but it’s time for a change, and I like where the author of the theme is going with it. My photo plugin even worked out of the box, so you’ll continue to see photos when they’re out there.

The change is part of a plan to get the Deauxmayne and to start having some common design elements. They look pretty different, and I think there’s good things to be borrowed and merged from both of them.

As always, stay tuned, and enjoy the ride!

Why So Quiet?

Well, it’s pretty simple. I’ve been working my backside off around the house. Some updates….

Scanning: I can finally see the light at the end of the projector, and have about 60% of Roaul’s slides scanned. However, my Epson 2450 flatbed is acting up, so I’m not sure how much longer it’ll take the beatings. It’s oldest piece of gear I’m using — maybe five years old? — and I’ve been beating it like a rented mule over the last couple of months.

Sites: I’ve joined a group of folks from my high school graduating class in one of Yahoo’s groups. There’s some limitations there, and folks wanted a place where they could post larger photos. I’ve spent a good part of the last week getting that set up, and you can see it here.

House: The massive office swap ‘twixt me and Becky is starting to draw to a close. Her new office is painted and just about ready. Last night, I built most of her new desk (finishing it up today), and tomorrow, our guy comes to finish it up. I think we’re gonna have him install some shelving in my closet, and that’ll pretty well finish up what he needs to do. With some luck, things will be settled down in my office in a week or so.

Life, The Universe, and Everything: Busy, busy, busy.

Today: I won’t get much done today on any of these projects. The NASCAR Sprint Cup season opens today with the Daytona 500. Boogiety, boogiety, boogiety!

BTW, Why so quiet?

Well, a few reasons.

First, the holidays. We had so many holiday-related things going on that I barely had time to get my brain engaged in breathing, eating and walking, much less blogging.

Second, an office move. Becky and I are still in the depths of swapping offices. The redecoration of her old office is complete, but there’s still a ton of moving around to come, and I suspect that’ll make things a little slim for another week or so.

Lastly, a huge scanning project. I’ve been archiving a bunch of family photos for my family, and a member of Beck’s family came through with a boatload of images that I’m crawling through. It’s fun, but man is it time-consuming. The good news is that these will be preserved and sharable with other parts of the family. Still gotta work on a delivery model for that, but I’ll get there.

Anyway, mind the dust, endure the silence, and I’ll be back as often as I can!

Happy Elvisday!

And not just Elvis, but David Bowie…. and me. 🙂

Beck took me out for sushi for lunch, and Greek cuisine for dinner, along with a bevy of co-workers and friends at both meals. What a great treat! In her generous way, she also showered me with gifts, but two really stand out.

The first is a Katherine Hepburn film I’ve wanted for years, Desk Set. I just love this film, partly because Hepburn’s in it, but also because of the gigantic computer depicted in the film. In typical 1950’s fashion, the thing bleeps, has gazillions of flashing lights, and can be fixed with a bobby pin. Now that’s technology! 🙂

The other thing she did was feed my feet. I’ve been walking a bunch lately, and have been really faunching for a pair of walking shoes, as my tenners have been shot for a long time. With the help of Kirkwood Shoes, she plopped my feet in a pair of Keens. I believe they may be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had my feet in. To paraphrase John Hurt in The Big Chill, “I’m never taking these off.” I can’t wait to get them out on the trails and roads over the next few days.

Yup, it was a good birthday, filled with friends, food and goodies. What else can you ask for?

I Got Stok’d!

So, I was sitting in my cube, minding my own business this morning. I’d sent out a blurb to the team about some apple fritters (from The Donut Palace of Ellisville — wonderful people, fritters, Douwe Egberts coffee), and folks were starting to congregate.

And that’s when one of the storage guys brought a little plate of what appeared to be coffee creamers. “You should try one of these… they’re good….” So I willingly took one, and started to read the label.

Not for those under 18, pregnant or caffeine-sensitive.

Limit 2/day.

Warning: high caffeine.

I was intrigued, poured it in my Douwe, and that’s how I was introduced to Stok. Stok is a shot of espresso for your coffee, containing 40mg of caffeine, although you can also get it with sweetner added for a little extra kick. And all I can say is… wow. Tastes great, and really seems to bolster the coffee’s effect.

And their website is a riot, complete with some video content, recipes, and a store from which you can order this stuff for home use. Well worth checking out.

Between my Cocoa Pebbles, my coffee, the fritters and this new evil coffee additive, I can safely say that my tender little noggin is doing its best to spin off axis, and detatch itself from my neck. And I’m kinda enjoying that!

A Wealth of Silence

Yup, there’s been plenty of that. 🙂

Tomorrow after work, I begin a trek southeastward, to the mountain for a guitar shoot, and on Saturday, to Tucker GA for the 10th annual Eggtoberfest.

Annually, the Big Green Egg aficionados converge on the mother ship to cook and share. This is the first eggfest I’ll have been to, so I’m expecting big things, along with a very satisfied stomach by the time Saturday night rolls around.

Needless to say, I’ll be taking a picture or two. Watch this space for more…..