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Haze of Time

It always seems like we look at baseball — my favorite pastime — through a filter of time. It’s measured in terms of records, how long they stand, and the parade of aged heroes, revelling in the wonderful accomplishments of youth. And with the resurgence in throwback architecture in recently built ballparks, the haze of time is thicker than ever. Yes, new records are being set and broken, and re-set, and the heroes we’ll talk about seeing in their prime are still playing the game I love so much. The game, though, is a reminder that although there’s clock in baseball, baseball lives by the passage of time.

Project 365 : Maw of the Bottle

This is a simple shot. I started with a Coke bottle, about half-filled with Coke — you can see the color of the bottle throughout the image. Then I took my iPhone 4, placed the camera lens right on top of the mouth of the bottle, turned on the flash, and grabbed this image.??To me, it almost looks as though there’s an eye, staring back at me from the bottom of the bottle.

Project 365 : Shattered Memories

I was cleaning up some old DVD-R’s, and rather than just throw them out, I decided to shred them. Our shredder handled most of them, but one got hung up, forcing me to back it out of the machine. What was left was this partially mangled disc, with gouges, impacts from the shredding teeth, and loads of great color and patterns from the burnable media film. I turned my Canon MP-E 65mm on it, and let my macro juices flow.