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Obsessive? Nah, Not Me!

Operation Jack, Last Run and First Run
Medals for Operation Jack, Last Run and First Run

As the year comes to a close, I find myself planning to take off the last two weeks of the year.  And of course, I don’t want to just spend the time sitting around.  So, why not run?

So, like the nut that I am, I signed myself up for the Operation Jack KC Run/Walk 5K in Shawnee KS on December 27th.  Yep, I’m gonna drive across the state, spend the night, run three miles, and then come home.  Nuts, eh?

Well, you might wanna hold off on rushing to any judgement…

I also decided I’d like to run on New Year’s.  Enter the Last Run / First Run in Lincoln NE.  New Year’s Eve at 10pm, there’s a 5k run.  New Year’s Day, it’s run again just 12½ hours later at 10:30am.  So, I’m gonna drive 6½ hours each way, to run six miles.

You may now proceed with judging me!

New Shoes

As you’ve heard me mention, I’m taking on the Undy 5000 in a week’s time. What I hadn’t mentioned was signing up for the “No Boudaries” training series through Fleet Feet.

No Boundaries is a ten-week series, training folks that haven’t run before to walk/run their first 5K. The target event is in June, and I’m sure I’ll drop more info on here as I get it. Our kickoff is tomorrow night, and I knew I’d need shoes.

Since Fleet Feet is sponsoring the series, they’re giving the series participants a discount in their stores. For me, that meant a nice gal named Jess worked with me to find the best shoes for my particular needs. And the winner? Nike Vomero. Comfy, comfy, comfy.

I can’t wait to get ’em on course on our first training event Wednesday night!