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A New RN

Becky and Trulli's Scrumptious Bailiwick, RN, CGC
Becky and Trulli's Scrumptious Bailiwick, RN, CGC

Yesterday, Beck and Bailey went Purina to show for her third and final leg for Bailey’s Rally Novice. From what Becky described, Bailey’s performance wasn’t exactly stellar, but it was enough to get the needed leg to get Bailey’s RN title. In fact, Becky didn’t even go look at her score, thinking they’d missed the cut. That’ll teach her to doubt herself!

Becky told me that Bailey once again kept her nose on the ground once she got in the ring. That’s gonna be a challenge as Becky starts to work with Bailey on obedience and other titles. Knowing them, they’ll get through it, although it may take a trick or two.

They went back today, and Bailey scored much better, and got another ribbon for her work. Just a little insurance. 🙂

Congrats gals — hard work well rewarded!

Becky really liked this photo, and I do too. Instead of mugging for the camera, the photographer (not me) caught them in a very tender moment, Darla to Smudge. That’s what photography’s all about — not just documentation, but capturing the emotion of a moment. Way cool.

Bailey Graduates!

After many weeks of class, Bailey passed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test yesterday. She’s been in heat for the last two weeks, so she’s got mush for brains right now — I am really surprised that she was able to pass given her lack of attention span right now.

So now both her and Molly have their CGC’s. I’m betting Bailey adds an RN (Rally Novice) this year to follow in Molly’s pawsteps.

Congrats Bailey!

More Awards

Last week, I got a package that held a little surprise for me… two of my images from the BMDCA Speciality, and two 4th place ribbons! These images were from the “puppy” category and the “computer enhanced” category. I’d seen in the bulletins from the Specialty that I’d taken a couple of 4th places, but I wasn’t expecting ribbons. More stuff for the dog walls!

BMDCA Photo Contest

Coming up in May, the National Specialty for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America will be held in Wisconsin. Darla will be going, and taking at least one of the Berners with her. Molly will be marching in the Parade of Veterans and the Parade of Titleholders. We’re pretty proud of our girl.

They also have a photo contest, and I’ve dropped thirteen images on them for it. Here they are. Enjoy!

Project 365 : Bailey and the Little Angel

After Bailey’s sock-swallowing incident this weekend, and the subsequent emergency surgery, today Bailey came home. She’s sporting a better than six-inch incision as a permanent reminder of this rough weekend.

However, as bad as I’m sure she felt, she gave us a reminder of the important things. Darla tells this story from her trip home with Bailey:

After I picked Bailey today I was given clearance from the Emergency Hospital to take Bailey to the pet store to size and buy a collar to keep her from licking wounds (special collar, called an E-Collar or Elizabethan Collar). After we selected our right size, we went to check out.

At the counter, a young girl with Downs Syndrome was in line and ran up to Bailey and gave her a big hug. Realizing what was going to happen, and knowing the pup had just been through a rough day, I reached down to hold her collar. I wasn’t sure how she’d feel after all the work she had done on her. In the background, the Mother was saying, “That’s a Strange Dog honey, ask permission.”

Well, none needed. Bailey just let her hug on her and pet her head and her back like it was her long lost friend. The little girl looked right into Bail’s eyes and Bailey replied with a well orchestrated gentle, almost slow motion, lick on her nose. The girl smiled ear to ear and giggled and clapped with pure joy.

I asked the gal if she would like to give her a treat — and she shook her head violently. So I reached into the buy-it-by-the-pound-loose-treats and took a small one and asked the girl to put her hand out flat and open. She did as requested. I placed the kibble on her little trusting hand and Bailey, with no solid food in two days, slurped it right off. The girl giggled. So we did the exercise again, and again, Bailey slurped and the girl giggled into laughter. The young girl reached up to get a kibble and brought back a full sized dog biscuit, which was a bit much. So we directed her to ‘little puppy sizes’ and did it one more time, giggling and laughing the entire time.

Treat – pet pet pet – Treat – Pet Pet Pet (a little harder) – Treat, smile, laugh, PET PET PET

Momma was ready to go and called her daughter, with full sweeping motion the girl hugged our pups neck and buried her face and nuzzled. Bailey nuzzled back. They hugged for a good 10 or 15 seconds. Almost out the door, the girl swung back, ran inside for one more encompassing hug and Bailey soaked it up as she hugged back.

Such sweetness!