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Apple Drops the B-Bomb

Just moments ago, Apple dropped the long-awaited B-bomb — the Beatles are on iTunes!

Now, for me, it’s likely not to be a huge big deal. I bought the big box set last year (and love it!), so there’s probably not much there for me. However, it does point to a thawing — at least a financial thawing — between Uncles Steve’s Apple and The Fab Four.

There’s even a series of commercials promoting this marriage of classic music and technological giant. I can’t remember anyone ever doing anything like that before.

It’s been a long time coming. Welcome to the party.

The Beatles

In September, there was mucho hoopla over the re-release of The Beatles music, remastered, and ready for 21st century ears. As much as I wanted to pick it up, I avoided it at the time, and bided my time. That was a good move.

A coupon from Borders (40% off) netted me a terrific price — over $100 off! — but I had to find one in town, and they were scarce. However, I found one in Sunset Hills, made the drive, and wound up with my box o’ Beatles.

I’m really impressed with the sound quality. I’m no audiophile, so I don’t know that I can quantify how the music sounded in any way meaningful to anyone else, but to my tired old ears, they sounded great. I’ve owned some of the collection on CD, and all of them on various vinyl pressings over the years… even to the extreme of Japanese virgin vinyl pressings. Lunacy, that was. 🙂 But now, durable, transportable copies have given me The Beatles wherever my iPod Nano can go. It’s amazing to think about carrying that music with me, and is keeping pretty close to my headphones much of the time.

I still think it’s pretty crazy that 40+ year old music can create this kind of stir. What’s cooler is that it’s music that I like. That’s great!