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Project 365 : Tag, You’re It!

After missing the last two days of photoposting due to illness, I got back in the swing tonight. Siobhan had a laser tag party tonight, and I took the 7D in for some very unusual shooting.

This is the first time I’ve opened up the high ISO end of the camera, pushing it ISO 12800. The photo for today is completely unretouched, shot in available light (which is a combination of deep darkness and black lights) with my 24-105/4L lens, handheld at 1/25 second. None of the images taken inside the place are what I would call sharp or brilliant, but the fact that I can record an image at all under those conditions really speaks to the sensitivity the 7D has in low-light conditions.

Project 365: Cupcakes

For my birthday, Becky brought cupcakes to my cube. The chocolate cake ones were Star Trek themed, while the white cake ones sported Disney princess stuff.

My daughter has a theory about the Disney princesses. Some are princesses; some ain’t. Of the six portrayed on my cupcakes…

  • Snow White – Not a princess. Might’ve married into it, but the film doesn’t say for sure.
  • Sleeping Beauty – Princess. Daughter of a King and/or Queen, and could ascend to the throne.
  • Cinderella – Not a princess. Married into it.
  • Ariel – Princess, kinda. Daughter of Poseidon. If he’s king of the ocean, then she’s a princess, although her latitude to ascend to the throne puts her status in question. Could you have a queen of the ocean?
  • Jasmine – Not a princess. Daughter of a sultan, not a king, but likely couldn’t ascend to the throne in that culture due to her gender.
  • Belle – Not a princess. Married into it.

My daughter’s pretty strict about that sorta thing! 🙂