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Favorite Christmas Commercials 2014

Three Christmas commercials really impacted me this year.  Only two aired in the US, but all three captured important elements of the season for me.

Sainsbury’s (in the UK) launched this one that reinforced the peace of the season:

Kohl’s brought the magic of the season:

And Apple… well, Apple emphasized the importance of family, and what’s more important than that:

Santa is Coming!

So, you might ask, “How do you know Santa is coming?”

I know because I’ll be photographing his visit at Mozingo Music in O’Fallon on December 4th!

Eric (of Mozingo) had asked this week if I’d be interested in doing something with their annual visit from Santa. I went by, and we talked about what they’d done in previous years, and what his ideas were for this year. When he asked what I’d charge for something like that, I answered, “Will photograph for guitars.” 🙂 (I’m not actually expecting a guitar, btw!)

He pitched to idea to the higher ups, and it looks like it’s a done deal. I’m pretty excited about it. I don’t usually photograph people, so this’ll be a lower pressure way to do some of that in a pretty controlled setting. Mozingo’s been very good to me, and they will, I’m sure get some benefit from the gig. And me, well, I’ll get to extend my experiences in photographing people, and probably walk away with some music related swag for my playing enjoyment!

Merry Christmas!

I wish for each of you the best of Christmas wishes, and all the joy the season brings. We’re having fun spending time on The Mountain with the family, and waiting for the last us to get up here this morning so we can open gifts.

For those of you who like my twisted sense of humor, here’s a little gift….

This was shot during one of our vacations as we passed through Santa Claus, IN. Truly, truly twisted! 🙂