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Today is the tenth anniversary of when we lost Dad.

Ten years. And it still just kills me to realize he’s not here. This weekend is also would’ve been his 72nd birthday.

Because of all that, we’re headed home for the weekend, beginning our drive tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting home. It’s the first time since my cancer treatments in December that I’ve seen my family. I need that, and I suspect they’ll like seeing me after the rough road through the winter.

I know when we talk about Dad this weekend, we’ll laugh ’til we cry, and cry ’til we laugh. Probably do the same thing when we talk about my sickness. But that’s what family’s for, and one of the things I’ve been craving for a while.

Home is where you park your shoes, where you hang your hat, and where you can scratch where it itches, but home is also the place where they welcome you with open arms. And that’s where I’m headed tomorrow. Can’t wait.


Let’s put me aside for a minute. Right now, I’m watching the live broadcast of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C). If you’re breathing, you’ve probably been impacted by cancer — moms, dads, kids, sibs, friends… some still here, some not.

There’s no amount of pleading I can do to have you — my readers — donate to this cause. 100% of the public funds go straight to research. That’s all of it.

I’ve donated. How ’bout you?


My Dad and My DaughterSo why is this getting top billing on the Deauxmayne? Because of my dad, who’s no longer here after fighting his fight, and for my mom, who *is* still here, fighting her fight and continually beating the odds. Because of two friends who are fighting their fight right now.

This is more than a cause. This is personal.