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A Problem with Running

I think I have a problem.

This weekend, I’m running in the Scenic City 5K, held in the city in which I was raised, Chattanooga TN.  I’ve planned out the gastrotourism places I wanna visit (Krystal, Ankar’s, Sofa King Juicy Burger), along with some time with my family, and you’d think that’d be enough planning for a quick trip to The Noog.

But, I think I have a problem.

See, I started poking around, looking for another 5K (with a medal — a kid’s gotta get paid!) in SE Tennessee or north Georgia, thinking I could run another 5K as long as I’m in the neighborhood, and then drive 450 miles home.  (Bupkis, btw.  There was nothing.)

Inspired, I did the same investigation for my Pi Day 5K race weekend in Columbus OH in two weeks.  Again, thinking I could catch another 5K while there, and drive 450 miles home.  (Nothing, btw.)

Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, I did the same thing again for our vacation getaway weekend in New Orleans LA, from where we leave for a cruise in six weeks.  After all, we’d be there a day early.  Surely, I could find a 5K on the Saturday morning we’re supposed to board the ship.  (Nothing.)

I also checked each of the islands we’ll visit along the way, to see if there was some kind of race I could hook into.  (Nothing.)

Yes, I think I have a problem.  I’d look for a seven-step program to help manage this, but I think I’d turn it into a race, and expect to have a medal at the end of the route.  🙂

Obsessive? Nah, Not Me!

Operation Jack, Last Run and First Run
Medals for Operation Jack, Last Run and First Run

As the year comes to a close, I find myself planning to take off the last two weeks of the year.  And of course, I don’t want to just spend the time sitting around.  So, why not run?

So, like the nut that I am, I signed myself up for the Operation Jack KC Run/Walk 5K in Shawnee KS on December 27th.  Yep, I’m gonna drive across the state, spend the night, run three miles, and then come home.  Nuts, eh?

Well, you might wanna hold off on rushing to any judgement…

I also decided I’d like to run on New Year’s.  Enter the Last Run / First Run in Lincoln NE.  New Year’s Eve at 10pm, there’s a 5k run.  New Year’s Day, it’s run again just 12½ hours later at 10:30am.  So, I’m gonna drive 6½ hours each way, to run six miles.

You may now proceed with judging me!