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Dreamhost Had An Outage Today…

And, looking at Twitter, you woulda thought the world was coming to an end. And it was only thirty minutes. But, in thirty minutes, the what seemed like the entire Twitterverse began screaming about how bad Dreamhost was.

Adding fuel to all that yelling and screaming was the following brief update on the Dreamhost status site indicating they’d Be Right Back:

Be Right Back

From reading some of the comments from Dreamhost afterwards, it sounds like the status server was getting pounded (probably all the folks from Twitter! 🙂 ). I am thrilled that the folks at Dreamhost were trying to get the users up, and throwing up a static page so folks would know they were still alive. That seems like the right priority to me.

Ya know, at the end of day — for me anyway — no one died, no country was overthrown, no brain surgery was missed, and while it was inconvenient, it wasn’t fatal. Stuff happens. You learn from it, and move on with life. Those thirty minutes just weren’t enough to eclipse the last week of terrific service, and the knowledge that I wasn’t the one who had to fix it. That’s why I went with a provider, rather than hosting my own stuff.

Keep up the good work folks!

New Hosting

Today, I inked a deal to re-host both of my domains (phydeaux-deauxmayne.net and colin-wright.com) away from my homegrown hosting to a real hosting solution called Dreamhost. The price was right (cheap, but not too cheap!), and it takes some of the reliance on my own infrastructure and fingers to keep things moving away, making my life simpler.

You’re likely to see things not work here and there, and I’ll be working hard in the background to get things percolating correctly again.

Until then, mind the mess, don’t draw lewd things in the dust, and we’ll all get through this! 🙂