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Love and Loathe

The calendar has turned the page to November, tonight we set our clocks back an hour, and we’ve just come off our first freeze in Da Lou.  I both love and loathe this time of year.

October is filled with post-season baseball, something I start looking forward to every spring.  This year, once again, the Cardinals were in the hunt, but once again, came up short.  And while that was tough to watch, it was just as tough to watch the Royals go down in the World Series, especially to San Francisco.  It’s easy for me to root for an underdog, and Kansas City certainly fit the bill of carrying the Cinderella card this year.  It just wasn’t to be, despite a crazy ride.  Like I said, I love this time of year.

At the same time, there’s another set of games going on … election shenanigans.

I loathe election season.  I hate all the yelling and screaming, and seeing the bottom feeding of the human condition on full display.  If you listen to the adverts, every person out there running for office is some combination of Hitler and Satan, drowns puppies for sport, sank the Titanic, conspired against Elvis, and is carrying ebola.  What’s incredible to me is how little any candidate seems to talk about themselves, their platform and beliefs, and how much they have to say about their opponents’.  Add to that adverts spawned by other groups who have hidden agendas that drive their attacks, and the buildup to Tuesday’s election becomes less an exercise in democracy in action, and more like a gaggle of folks just being obnoxious.

Thankfully, the countdown to Tuesday is on, when we can all get back to being semi-civil, and enjoy the onset of fall.  With glee, I will cast my ballot, if only to shut ’em all up!

Hollow Night

As I have the last several presidential elections, I have spent the evening with NBC. In previous elections, Tim Russert was my entertainment and education during the election — who can forget “Florida, Florida, Florida”? With the death of Tim Russert earlier this year, my enjoyment of the election was somehow a little hollow.

Chuck Todd — Tim’s replacement — is doing a decent job, but with his telestrator and VR graphics, his reporting is somehow “too polished”, especially when compared to Russert’s small white board and markers. The anachronism of that image in today’s world is somehow appealing to me. Simpler really is better.

It was nice to see Russert’s son contributing to the reporting tonight. Somehow, it seemed appropriate to have a Russert in the mix on election night.