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Spam, By Any Other Name

So, yesterday I started getting some very peculiar emails from the GoToWebinar folks. The messages implied that I’d signed up for a webinar for “The New $2k+ Per Day Method” and that it was to start later in the day. Apparently, I must’ve really been interested, as I was signed up several times, complete with countdown-like notifications telling me was about to start, had started, and was underway.

Needless to say, and despite what anyone from “Platinum Millennium” (the hosts of this funfest) might say, I’ve never signed up for any such thing. (It appears to be some kind of deal to make money playing music, so I suspect my information was sold to them from some guitar/music site or list.) Sorry Ty Cohen — the apparent mastermind of this opportunity to “see money being made live, in front of my eyes”… I ain’t that gullible. Frankly, at first blush, this guy has an awful reputation out there on the wild and wooly internet.

The funny thing is that the emails are legitimate, and really do look like I subscribed to the Cohen webinar-of-the-hour club. Bravo to GoToWebinar — there’s a way to unsubscribe from this wild man’s spam assault through the GoToWebinar site.

I’ll give him credit for this — this certainly is a different level of spam attack, leveraging a perfect legitimate site to do his awful bidding.

Asta la see ya, Ty! 🙂

Stupidest iPhone Trick Ever

OK, so I usually love my iPhone. It’s days like today, though, that make me wanna chuck it in a conveniently located river from a conveniently well placed bridge.

As part of a small event I run monthly, I got an e-mail from someone yesterday with some large attachments — ended up being about 24mb altogether. My mail server had no problem with it, and Apple’s Mail application had no problem with it. However, when the iPhone got ahold of it…. Well, frustrating doesn’t hardly put the appropriately contorted face on it. I’d try to delete the e-mail, and Mail app on the phone would choke and die, even to the point of affecting the read/unread status of e-mails in other accounts that feed through my iPhone.

I tried sooooo many solutions, but here’s the solution I ran across that seemed to solve my problem. First, change the iPhone Mail settings to only display the last 25 items. That’s probably a pretty good setting for me most of the time anyway. Second, make sure that the mail account on the mail server is devoid of any new e-mail. And lastly, send myself 25 (or more) e-mails so that the only thing displayed are the new e-mails. That seemed to “scroll” the mongo e-mail off the screen, never to return…. so far.

This is a horrible behavior by the iPhone. There should be no acceptable mail behavior (meaning that the e-mail lives within standards) that should cause the mail app to behave this way.

Apple — this one hurts!