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Project 365 : And Now for a Different Kind of Explosion

This weekend, I’m visiting my mother on The Mountain for the 4th,and all around us tonight are the sounds of fireworks and big booms. While waiting for race from Daytona to start, we heard a boom… From inside the house.

A quick search, and we found the source of the boom. A can of Diet Mountain Dew had frozen and exploded in an auxiliary fridge that has malfunctioned, keeping things way too cold.

It exploded with such force that it blew the door open, presenting us with the scene you see in this image.

Who knew that Mountain Dew was made of such explosive stuff! 🙂

Liquid Schwartz!

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the introduction of Mountain Dew Throwback — a tip o’ the hat to the good ol’ days, when sugar was king, and HFCS was unheard of. Unfortunately, Throwback was a passing thing, a limited time deal. 🙁

This week, however, the clouds have parted, and the light of pure natural sugar goodness has once again beamed down upon me. The Shell station just outside the office somehow “found” a bunch of 12-packs of the stuff, and my dear Darla happened to be there at the right time. This photo is of the six boxes of Phydeaux Juice in the trunk of her Pacifica.

It’s gonna be a good weekend!


Have you tried the new Mountain Dew or Pepsi Throwback products? I was never really a Pepsi drinker when I was growing up, but I had my share of Mountain Dew. This new “throwback” version replaces HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) with real sugar. Real sugar!

Siobhan tried it, and told me it didn’t taste like Mountain Dew. I told her that it did, it really, really did!

Now, if only the Coke folks will take notice, and do the same thing. I’m pretty sure they’d take over the world if “old” Coke hit the shelves once again.