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Happy New Year!

For the first time in a long time, I not only stayed up until midnight hit the ol’ Midwest, but we were actually out and about during the event.

Last night, six of us went to Stoney River for a late dinner. We’d gone there a couple of years ago for Beck’s birthday (big snow that night!), and really enjoyed the place. Big food, albeit pricey, and treatment like you’d expect for the ticket price. Steak, lobster tempura and some 30-year old tawny port… wonderful. We kept hanging around, telling stories, and around 11.40, one of the waitstaff asked if we were staying around until midnight. Why? Well, the house was buying a round of champagne for all of us that were hanging around. Cool. We finally left around 12.30, and made it home and were tucked in bed by 1am. Quite a night.

So did I make any resolutions? Well, a couple came to mind, but they don’t bear repeating here. I’d rather look toward the things I’m thankful for from 2009: family, job, freedom. All good. I figure with those in my hip pocket, everything else is gravy.