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No Mail for You!

The Post Office is talking about eliminating one day of their current six-day-a-week deliver schedule. Oddly enough, they’re suggesting about eliminating something midweek, maybe Wednesday, which I would figure businesses would scream about. I have two observations about their observations about their business.

The USPS have indicated that they moved billions fewer pieces of mail from 2007 to 2008. Dunno about you, but with the elections in 2008, and the amount of junk mail I received — several pieces of election-related real/junk/hate mail each day, frequently several from the same folks on the same day — I can tell you that my mailbox got loads more mail in 2008.

They also indicated that they are losing money, I guess because of the billions of pieces of mail they didn’t move in 2008. It seems to me that if you set the rate, you can set yourself up to be profitable. Had this been during the summer, when fuel prices were so high, then I’d maybe give it some slack. But with gas prices easily half what they were during the summer, it’s gotta be getting cheaper to deliver all my junk mail.

I guess once the fall of civilization takes place, I’ll still have my junk mail — five days a week — to put in the fireplace to keep me warm. 🙂