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Project 365: Cupcakes

For my birthday, Becky brought cupcakes to my cube. The chocolate cake ones were Star Trek themed, while the white cake ones sported Disney princess stuff.

My daughter has a theory about the Disney princesses. Some are princesses; some ain’t. Of the six portrayed on my cupcakes…

  • Snow White – Not a princess. Might’ve married into it, but the film doesn’t say for sure.
  • Sleeping Beauty – Princess. Daughter of a King and/or Queen, and could ascend to the throne.
  • Cinderella – Not a princess. Married into it.
  • Ariel – Princess, kinda. Daughter of Poseidon. If he’s king of the ocean, then she’s a princess, although her latitude to ascend to the throne puts her status in question. Could you have a queen of the ocean?
  • Jasmine – Not a princess. Daughter of a sultan, not a king, but likely couldn’t ascend to the throne in that culture due to her gender.
  • Belle – Not a princess. Married into it.

My daughter’s pretty strict about that sorta thing! 🙂

Project 365: Some Background

So what is Project 365? Well, it’s more of a movement than a project. Essentially, it is a challenge to make at least one photograph each day for a year. It’s a great challenge, and very difficult to keep up for a year’s time, judging from how many photographers try it and then give up on it. You can find out more by Googling Project 365, or by taking a peek at a writeup on Photojojo. There are many Flickr groups that focus on this kind of work, and there are plenty of other writeups around the ‘net.

I believe the push to find something to photograph daily forces me to look for photographic opportunities where I might not have ordinarily thought of looking before. And frequently, these are photos taken with my Best Camera — the one I have with me. In my case, many of these will be either from my iPhone or my Canon G10. One or the other of them is almost always within arm’s reach.

Today, I missed making any photos, so that’s why you’re getting the background on the project. I feel pretty confident that I’ll miss even more days throughout the next year. However, my intent is to stick with the project, and photograph for as many days as I can during the upcoming year.