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Simon in Haiti

Back in August, we met Simon Biswas in Santa Fe during the Falling Star Trek trip. Later in the month, he spent an evening with us here in the Da Lou as a stop on his month-long odyssey across the country.

Over the weekend, we got news that he was traveling to Haiti with medical supplies and his gear.

I dunno how he hooked himself up on a trip like this, but my hopes and prayers are with him, that he’s able to help, and returns home safely.

Photos on the Brain

Remember the photographer we met in Santa Fe? Well, as a refresher, his name was Simon Biswas, and I’ve been following his journey. I dropped him an e-mail Friday to see if he’d be interested in stopping by in St. Louis. As it ends up, he was in Chicago, and was coming to St. Louis anyway. Through a flurry of e-mails, we figured out that he would be in St. Louis last night.

Beck pulled out all the stops — steaks, baked beans, corn on the cob, and a homemade apple pie. And we waited. And waited more. As it ends up, it took Simon a little longer to get here than he thought. I fired the grill up at 10.30pm. 🙂 Dinner was great, conversation was great, and it was a hoot to hear about his travels. I think we overwhelmed him with our late-night hospitality, and we all finally crashed about 1.30am.

Today, it was a late sleep in, and loads of conversation over breakfast, image backups, laundry and some story swapping. I learned a lot about life in New York City (where Simon hails from) and the world of a freelance photographer. There’s surely a lot of day-to-day security in a 9-to-5 job, but man does freelancing sound good… at times. I definitely recognize it’s a ton of work, and likely not in my sweet spot.

After an afternoon of talking shop, Simon left, and left for his next destination. I really enjoyed talking shop with him, and am looking forward to following his journey to its conclusion in a week.