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There’s No ‘Pocalypse Like Snowpocalypse!

OK, so this’ll be the last of my wining about the missed opportunity with the recent weather.

As the storm was descending upon us on Monday, I set up my Canon G10 in a bedroom window, shooting for a timelapse video of the impending doom. Of course, we all know what happened — not much! — but the video is kinda cool, and the longest timelapse I’ve attempted. I shot it at pretty low resolution, wanting to capture as many frames as possible, so if the power stayed on, I’ve have days of images to put together.

We had power, I had frames, but not much in the way of weather.

There’s two kinda cool things in this video that grabbed my attention. The first is the bush in the foreground bending under the weight of the ice. In truth, I was hoping to get a lot more ice, and see more of that kind of action. The second is the activity around the neighbor’s car as he cleans it off. Also cool, I think.

Oh, and for those folks that are saying I’m not putting enough imagery on the site lately, here’s 14,576 images to tide you over. 🙂

Snowpocalypse? More like Nopocalypse!

After all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the massive winter storm that clobbered the Midwest, guess who didn’t get hardly any snow?


We had 1/4″ of ice, about 3″ of sleet, and barely any snow at all. However, travel about 30mi NW from here, and you could measure the snow in feet. Once again, the dastardly St. Louis Snow Shield has deflected the really good stuff around us — too far north for ice, too far south for snow, we were left to more sleet than I’ve ever seen, and nothing particularly pretty to photograph.