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New Gear : Levy MS26E Guitar Strap

As I’ve started to practice more with my new guitar, it’s become really evident that I needed a strap to help support it in place — one less thing to pay attention to while trying to figure this stringed beast out. I looked on the ‘Net, but the number of choices is simply overwhelming. Add to that that there’s no way to figure out how any of ’em actually look and feel, and suddenly this simple shopping excursion becomes a daunting one.

So I bit the bullet today, steeled myself against the potential exposure of being a newb, and took a trip to one of the local guitar shops. In my internet travels, I’d seen Levy straps, and found ’em at the shop. I took a look, found one I liked, and escaped with my babe in the woods secret still intact.

I wound up with a Levy MS26E strap, and really like it. Of course, I had to figure out how to put it on the silly guitar — as I’m learning, acoustics frequently don’t have but one button on which to mount the strap. The other end is tied onto the head. And, after putting it on wrong-side-up, I finally wound up with the thing installed right, feeling nice, and ready for the somewhat lackluster action I can supply!