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There’s No ‘Pocalypse Like Snowpocalypse!

OK, so this’ll be the last of my wining about the missed opportunity with the recent weather.

As the storm was descending upon us on Monday, I set up my Canon G10 in a bedroom window, shooting for a timelapse video of the impending doom. Of course, we all know what happened — not much! — but the video is kinda cool, and the longest timelapse I’ve attempted. I shot it at pretty low resolution, wanting to capture as many frames as possible, so if the power stayed on, I’ve have days of images to put together.

We had power, I had frames, but not much in the way of weather.

There’s two kinda cool things in this video that grabbed my attention. The first is the bush in the foreground bending under the weight of the ice. In truth, I was hoping to get a lot more ice, and see more of that kind of action. The second is the activity around the neighbor’s car as he cleans it off. Also cool, I think.

Oh, and for those folks that are saying I’m not putting enough imagery on the site lately, here’s 14,576 images to tide you over. 🙂

Morning Meeting with Mr. Frost

Jack Frost, that is!

With Fridays now being part of my regular weekend routine, I’m finding time to look at the world through some fresh eyes. Darla gets up for work around 6am, and that leaves me a little time to slowly wake up, eat some breakfast, and await the sunrise.

This morning it was about 19 degrees, with frost all the surfaces. And not the crazy thick stuff, just a layer, with all the intricacies of the frost fingers visible. Way cool!

I took the camera, trike, new lens and new flash (watch for some retroblogging about some of that) out on the deck, and shot frost on my favorite glass table. This MP-E 65mm is just flat amazing! Most of what I shot was at 3x life size, with the 580EX flash handheld at various angles. Seeing that frost so close was a great way to energize me, wake up my brain, and get me moving this morning.

I still think I have a long way to go with shooting frost and other frozen objects, but if this morning’s any indicator, I think I’m on my way. The bad part is that there’s not too many more frosty days in store for us this season — spring is almost here, and then I switch to flowers and birds again!

And speaking of birds… I think this is the year that I can catch the killer hummingbird shot I’ve been stalking for years. With the 580EX, I think I’ll have the light to do it, and I’ve already been able to prove out slaving my crusty 420EX off it (the 420EX won’t work connected to the camera, but wireless off the 580EX, it seems to work fine — go figure), so I should have two angles of light. One longish PC cable, and I think I’ll be able to sit in the house with the 100-400mm lens, and never disturb the little guys.

Watch this space! 🙂