R.B. Wright, K4UQP, SK

Today around 12.15pm ET, dad’s fight was over.

Mom, Kevio, Darla and I were all at his bedside as he slipped away. I wasn’t sure I could be there, but I am so very glad I was. The Preacher and us said a couple of prayers, and I held his hand as he slipped from us into the Lord’s waiting arms. I know that he is rejoicing in heaven with his sister Faye, his brother Bill, and his mother and father, and is smiling down on us.

Heaven has gained a prankster, and it’s a better place for having him there.

It’s still hard to believe that this has happened, and I still expect him to turn the corner, or walk in the door. Even the little dog he gave mom last year is looking for him.

His was the least painful route, though, and much better than suffering with an inoperable, non-responding tumour, or dealing with the rupturing of his aortic aneurysm.

That doesn’t make it hurt any less, but it does make it easier for everyone here.

Tomorrow, we visit the funeral home to make the arrangements, and it looks like visitation, service and burial will be Saturday up here on the Mountain.

The Tylenol PM are starting to kick in….