Reflections on Colorado

After the long drive yesterday (Golden, CO to Maryland Heights, MO — about 850 miles), I’ve had some time to think about our excursion to Colorado.

The thing that sticks the most with me is the sheer beauty of the landscape. It is a painting, made by the hands of God. And, it screams to me.

I’ve only felt this way three other times. A visit to my aunt and uncle in San Diego around 1978 brought me my first encounter with this strange phenomenon. The others were in 1993 visiting Phoenix and in 1998 visiting London. This time is a little different, though, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it just seems more accessible somehow. Perhaps it’s because there are other voices screaming inside me (and, no, I’m not hearing voices in my head!).

I’ve been thinking a lot since Dad’s death in August, and while I haven’t made the profound changes I thought I might after that event, I do notice some momentum building for some changes. Health, location and career are the changes that seem to be getting the most fuel right now.

Health I have total control over. It’s not easy, but it’s achievable, and it requires only me to do it.

Location I don’t have as much control over as I would like. With my current career, I am somewhat tied to decent sized cities, and I have a tremendous amount of loyalty to my current employer. This is the first time in my employment career that I’ve stayed at one company for this long (eight years), and the first time I’ve lived in one home/apartment for this long (three years).

Career I have plenty of control over. However, I have a pretty narrow list of careers for which I have training or aptitude, and they’re all in the same neck of the woods, career-wise. Photography is still very attractive to me, but I don’t have the training or eye (yet!) to make a living at it. I know I have the power to train with classes and practice, so that one’s up to me, too.

At the end of the day, though, I’m still the same ol’ me — plenty of dreams, and not enough steam! 🙂