End of an Era

A bowling era, that is…..

Tonight is the last scheduled night for me to bowl for this season, and the first time in at least a decade that I’ve not had “bowling night” in my schedule during my winter weeks. I’m tired, I’m not necessarily enjoying it, and it’s just time that I need to reclaim to push toward my goal of photographing things, and selling my work. Truthfully, I doubt any of us will be bowling next year — no one seems to be enjoying it.

However, the thing I will miss about my Thursday night bowling team is the camaraderie, and most of the all, the deep discussions. Usually, someone just tries to egg someone else on, accusing someone of being narrow-minded, or a liberal, or a conservative… whatever. Tonight, though, was deep, deep. God, dinosaurs, homosexuality in our children, heaven, hell, learned behaviors, genetic predisposition….. It feels like there wasn’t much that wasn’t covered. Somehow, tonight was different. Maybe we all knew it really was the end of an era.