Ding! Dong! Saddam’s Gone!

We woke this morning in the hotel to the news that Saddam has been captured!

I really thought it was a misprint in the scroller at the bottom of the screen, but on every channel (and in the hotel, there was two of each of the major networks) was a talking head and a politician giving their spin on the capture of Saddam Hussein.

It still seems like a dream — people at the resort were buzzing about it, and were hopeful that this is the turning point that will help bring our troops home.

What astounds me is that we got him without a fight. I mean, no fight of any kind. He just emerges from a hole in the ground, and wants to negotiate, almost as though he was in a position of power. I’m very surprised that he didn’t take his own life in the hole, leaving the Iraqi people without the satisfaction of a trial, and many questions unanswered.

My own opinion is that he is nucking futs, and isn’t likely to make much sense at trial, but I still stand by the decision to let the Iraqi people have him. They can mete out far more emotional penalties than the US ever could.

That, somehow, seems appropriate.

While on the way home from Lake of the Ozarks, we saw four bald eagles circling high over the Bagnell Dam. We quickly drove up to an AmerenUE observation point, and stood in ankle-deep snow, with howling winds, watching these four graceful giants circle above our heads, dive into the lake, and play in sky. It was almost as though they knew we were a little freer, a little safer, and wanted to wing into the winds to celebrate. They were very beautiful to watch, and fun to listen to as they cried in the wind. Gorgeous creatures, and I’m thrilled that we and Sio got to see them.