Mad Cows and Englishmen

The media is reporting that the first case of “mad cow” disease has been reported in the NW US.

I was in England in ’98 when there was such an uproar about the disease, and tons of scrutiny over the food supply. I remember not being able to buy “beef on the bone”, as no one would serve or sell it for fear of the disease.

Man, I like t-bone steaks. I hope we don’t end up that way here.

And, of course, we’re being told the food supply is safe. Since this cow was just discovered, I’m not quite sure how anyone could make a broad statement like this. I would think discovering how this cow got the disease, and making sure it can’t happen again would give you the ammo to make sweeping statements like this.

Then again, I’m just a consumer — what do I know?

(OK, so there are no Englishmen…. so sue me.)