This morning was the coldest of the year — 0.6 degrees below zero. BRRRR!

The last week has been frigid, and hasn’t lent itself to getting the snow and ice off the grass and driveway. Not a big, big deal, but it sure keeps things feeling cold.

Becky and I are trying to figure out where we’re going to go on vacation in a few months. She and both have our corporate anniversaries coming up this summer, and must burn two weeks of vacation in order to keep from losing it. Nice position to be in, but I feel some pressure to come up with a plan to use the time wisely. I would prefer to go somewhere, rather than spend it all sitting here at home. That’s just a huge block of time, and I haven’t been able to take two weeks off work in almost ten years.

I’d love to do something big, go someplace unusual, but with the sale of the old house looming large, it’s hard for Beck to focus on a big trip, and I don’t want to add to the pressure on her.