Bluer Wednesday


This time I called Mom in the evening. She had talked about her and/or Kevio going to Oak Ridge to see Uncle Roaul. I heard tonight that they are about to get a snowstorm, so I thought I’d see what the plan was.

Well, Kevio did drive to Oak Ridge (and back) today, and did see Roaul. As I understand it, Kevio had about 10 minutes of lucid conversation with Roaul before he drifted off to sleep sitting in his chair. He’s at home, and from all indications, he and Merilyn are just waiting for his time. The hospice folks are involved, and that leads me to believe that things are quite grim.

Even Bill (Faye’s widower) is coming in from San Diego and has said he will hang around “as long as he needs to”.

I want to just go dashing down there, and see him for what might be the last time, but there’s soooo much to work out with work and the dogs, and probably a host of other things I’m not thinking clearly about right now. And I know that we may just have to turn around and go back to Oak Ridge after getting home from the trip.

As you grow up, you see your parents and aunts and uncles, and think they’re gonna live forever. Then you get side-swiped by reality, and they start leaving, one by one, until, as it is now, there’s only one of them left.

I’m sure Faye, Teddy and Dad will all be waiting for Roaul when his time comes, and there’s some comfort in that.